February 25, 2018

☕️ Sightglass on Divis fiddling with Swift stuff.

Took the car out to Palo Alto to visit Don and Zach at Zombierunner. Miss those guys. Bought a new pair of running shoes and some laces that won’t come untied.

Did some research on blenders and bought a Vitamix. Haven’t been much of a blender type but I wanna give it a try. Need more fresh fruits and veggies in my diet.

Drove home listening to TED Radio Hour episode on Confronting Stigma.

Wandered around some Outer Sunset shops looking for interesting bowls. Didn’t find any 😕

Made an ice cream-like substance with frozen banana, blueberries and mango. Currently it’s the most expensive ice cream I’ve ever made 🤑