In 2004 I received my bachelors degree in Electronic Arts, an interdisciplinary degree where I got to play around with 3d animation, early days interactive software, clunky non-linear editing systems and expensive audio equipment.

After college I spent two years in advertising trying to help small businesses get on the web while not losing my soul to the big ones. In 2006 I moved to Kansas to work alongside a small crew of hackers who developed Django). I spent five years there and attempted to get a masters degree in Interaction Design before realizing it was time to move west.

In 2011 I took a Product Design gig at Facebook in Palo Alto. There were 20 designers at the time and all eyes were on mobile software design, it was quite a ride. Pretty burnt, I left after three years and spent a year at Dropbox then three at Public Studio to learn and build all kinds of fun things with two people I really admire.

Nowadays I’m back at Facebook, two years and counting. The pandemic has me spending more time in nature and experiencing all the joys of living on the West Coast.

Happy to share some of my work upon request. Check out some of my tools.