Steady is an experimental tool for tracking personal routines. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to incentivize and track more steady routines. Having a visualization that kind of encourages a streak seems to help me. Sorta stole this idea from Strava when I realized how much I tried to fill out their daily bar graph.

White wave pattern on a black background.
Five mobile screens depicting the Steady app.
Current overall look of the app.

Currently testing but should have something in the App Store this Spring 2021. Check here for updates.


Below is a dump of all the iterations I played around with before arriving at the current design.

Kind of a while idea but I wanted to see if I could adopt a messaging paradigm so it felt more like a log of activity. I dropped it because it didn’t offer a clean way to show that daily graph that I liked so much.
Some ideas for how the composer could work for the messaging UI. I want to figure out how to adopt these quick entry buttons for the current UI.
Current design uses a rolling seven day average rather than each week starting fresh. I realized this is better for sticking with routines because it doesn’t make you feel like a whole week is a failure if you mess up, each day feels more like a fresh start.
A progression of the home designs.