Trail Running

Inspiration hit me a couple years ago watching Courtney Dauwalter describe her experience running the Moab 240. It made me realize how capable the average human body can become. In 2020 I ran a 50 mile race and hiked a 75 mile section of the PCT. Still pushing to this day with more inspiring stories:


Someone smarter mentioned after WWII we began working in offices and moving less which led to an exercise craze. As a kid I remember mom getting daily cardio with Gilad Janklowicz. With so much information thrown at us it’s no surprise mindfulness is a growing topic. In 2006 a co-worker suggested I read Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are and it really caused me to pause and engage differently with my own mind. It led me to seek other voices:

Long-term Thinking

The more you read about systems the more you see systems. Resilient, long-term systems are elusive and fun to study:

American Anarchism

I find it healthy to question and rebel against modern society in my free time. I try to channel that energy into something productive like hand tool woodworking.