Trail Running

Inspiration hit me a couple years ago watching Courtney Dauwalter describe her experience running the Moab 240. Mind blown it made me realize how complacent I’d become running. In 2020 I ran a 50 mile race and hiked a 75 mile section of the PCT. Still pushing to this day with more inspiring stories:


Someone smarter mentioned after WWII we began working in offices and moving less which led to an exercise movement. As a kid I remember mom getting daily cardio with Gilad Janklowicz. With so much information thrown at us it’s no surprise mindfulness is getting attention. In 2006 a co-worker suggested I read Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are and it really had an impact on my self-view and worldview. Since then my interest has grown:

Long-term Thinking

The more you read about systems the more you see systems. Resilient, long-term systems are elusive and fun to study:


Having an alternative to keyboards and screens has become more critical to my wellbeing. Hand tool woodworking can be very anarchistic and subversive if you follow the right people. It can also teach new lessons about craft and tool use through alternative mediums: