Running and Fastpacking

A couple years ago I watched Courtney Dauwalter describe her experience running the Moab 240. It blew my mind and made me realize how complacent I’d become with running. Ever since I’ve been pushing harder — last year I ran a 50 mile race and hiked a 75 mile section of the PCT.


Someone smarter than I mentioned after WWII we began working in offices and moving less which led to an exercise movement, and as a kid I remember my mom getting her daily cardio with Gilad Janklowicz. Today, with so much information thrown at us it’s not surprising to see all these mindfulness apps sprouting up. I was first introduced to mindfulness when an old co-worker of mine suggested I read Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are. Here are some books I’ve recently been reading on the subject:

Designing Systems

The more I read about systems the more I see systems.

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