Waking The Right

Thank God it’s Friday. I’m planning another one of my “introvert retreats.” About two weeks ago at 5 o’clock CST I turned off all forms of communication. The following day I drove to Lawrence, Kansas sans laptop. Doesn’t sound like anything too special but the resulting clarity and relaxation was well worth it.

This weekend I’ll be cutting it a little short so I can be somewhat social Saturday night. The trip to Lawrence is a go and I’ll be invading an undisclosed dark coffee house chugging away on my laptop.

Waking up the right hemisphere of my brain will be challenging but I have faith. This week has been full of ActionScript and Rails left-ness. You may be asking yourself, how does one flip from programming to design with ease? Well, one doesn’t. It’s like luring a two year old away from a shinny piece of tin foil. My formula consists of waking up early, relocating to someplace inspiring that serves legally addictive stimulants, maybe reading some poetry or thumbing through art books and, of course, great music. Here’s a taste of my upcoming brew: