Slightly neurotic on change

Always tweaking here and there. Today marks a big tweak including a name change, site realignment, and a fun little visualization project. Welcome to Domaki (pronounced Du·mock·eee), formerly “You know where you are” and formally “Playground Blues.” I am your host, Nathan Borror.

Whats changed?

All the markup has been overhauled. I’ve been fine tuning a particular CSS framework that is a derivative of the YUI framework (http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/grids/) over at Yahoo. Dimensions are based on percentages and em’s which allow the interface to scaled up, down, out or in. It also makes it very easy to achieve liquid layouts. The back end is still Django with very little changes. (Beware IE users, still flushing out some annoying bugs.)


I added a “tumblelog” using some of Jacob’s (http://www.jacobian.org/) code. It’s visible on the homepage. This basically gathers all my photos, bookmarks, comments and even webcam freezes and spits them out at once. Over the weekend I threw together a visualization using Flash which can be viewed (http://www.domaki.com/labs/). It should be fun to see what other visualizations I can dream up.

Webcam Freeze

The webcam (http://www.domaki.com/webcam/) is back! I’ve retooled the layout and it should be easy as pie to freeze a moment of my time and attach a comment to it. All the old freezes are back up too. I still think this is pretty unique. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has spied something similar.

So why the name change?

I wanted something short and simple. I didn’t like ‘Playground Blues’ because it had a color in the name which seemed kind of cheesy. I liked ‘You know where you are’ but got tired of typing it. While staring at my bulletin board one day I noticed this little character (http://flickr.com/photos/sketch22/223203462/) with the name ‘dodo maki.’ It sounded goofy and interesting. I reduced it to six letters and bought the domain (btw: available six letter domains are becoming pretty rare these days). It doesn’t have a lot of meaning now but thats the beauty of new brands, over time it’s meaning will grow and some day, who knows, it might be added to Websters :)