Seven Patriots

What better way to celebrate our independence than roaring into space in one of the most complex machines ever built! You can watch this miraculous display of human engineering at NASA.gov (http://www.nasa.gov/).

Space exploration gives me goose bumps. My heart skips a beat when, just for one second, I try to comprehend its limitless nature. To think we’re able to catapult seven of our greatest minds into this vacuum of questions and answers makes me pause and wonder what we’ll choose to achieve next. World peace, hydrogen power, healthcare for everyone, or the tallest of dreams are so attainable when we place them next to our accomplishments.

What I saw today was remarkable, there was no red or blue, no debate, just a group of dedicated patriots. Our achievements should show us nothing less than anything is possible if we clear our hearts, our minds and choose to step forward. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, is all it takes.