RIP Print

Print is about to die and we better prepare ourselves. I was doing some christmas shopping last week and stumbled into a Sony Style story. I’m not a fan of the Sony brand but they do seem to come out with some daring devices. The first thing that struck me was the Sony Reader (http://www.learningcenter.sony.us/assets/itpd/reader/).

The Sony Reader is basically a very thin screen that uses E-Ink technology (http://eink.com/) to display text and basic graphics. The resolution is shocking, it’s like staring at a piece of paper. The device has a lot of problems and the operating system is pretty clunky and locked down but you can tell this is the beginning of something.

One thing is for certain, this dawn of reader devices will kill print. They will get vibrant colors, more responsive interfaces, and durability. You can bet other companies are developing their own devices and this is the end of the road for print and it’s so exciting.