I’m notorious for highlighting. At home, I’m surrounded by a rapidly growing library. Some books have been read cover to cover, some cover to creamy center, and some randomly picked through. But, I can confidently guarantee, each has felt the screeching of my fat yellow Avery HI-LITER.

Why? Maybe it’s an incessant urge to mark my territory or a worry that I’ll forget a phrase that made my grey matter jiggle. I’m not exactly sure but when I revisit books and read this highlighted material memories flood my mind. The hard part is remembering what I’ve highlighted and trying to make relations between highlights.

To aid in this I’ve put together a little application called Highlights (http://highlights.youknowwhereyouare.com/). It’s very basic and allows me to keep a journal of all my readings and thoughts. This also serves as my book list for those of you asking me what I’ve been reading lately. Feel free to peruse (http://highlights.youknowwhereyouare.com/). I’m thinking about adding some folksonomies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folksonomy) to allow for better relationships to form between entires. Seaching will be available soon. Any suggestions are welcome with open arms.

Update: I’ll be porting Highlights to Django very soon and adding some fun new features. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.