Gooey Plastic

At what point does interactive design become temporal art over plastic art? This question seems to be rare yet extremely important in our decision making process. This (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0060391685/) book prompted my pondering of this.

To clarify, temporal art includes poetry, writing, film and music. Plastic art takes the form of painting, drawing and sculpture. What sets the two apart is that fourth dimension, time. The success of temporal art is in its progressive events leading up to a fulfilling end, better known as climax. This all makes sense, right? So how do we classify interactive art?

My guess is it’s both, however, I’m leaning toward temporal. Unfortunately a lot of times we design with a plastic mindset when we should be thinking about a climactic ending. Should we be treating sites like small stories? Grab peoples attention, pull them in, building them up, then smack them with an unforgettable message. Very few do this. The non-linear aspect of this medium complicates the time quality of temporal art.

So what is interactive art? Still pondering this one.