An Explaination

When the name Playground Blues was chosen I was a junior in college. It didn’t carry much meaning other than playgrounds seemed like whimsical places where imagination wondered. I feel I’ve grown out of the name.

Playground Blues has meant a lot to me. It’s enjoyed roughly five official redesigns, god knows how many unofficial. It’s been featured on many sites including The Daily Report (http://www.zeldman.com/daily/0504e.shtml#reboot) by Jeffrey Zeldman, Moluv (http://www.moluv.com/fsa.asp?startingPoint=197), CSS Vault (http://cssvault.com/redesigned/playground_blues.php), Stylegala (http://www.stylegala.com/archive/playground_blues.htm), and was honorably mentioned at the 2004 May 1st Reboot (http://www.may1reboot.com/2004).

I bid Playground Blues farewell as I introduce to you You Know Where You Are. YKWYA represents me, now. The idea is simple, Real Content, which means fresh links, photos, audio, camera feeds (/webcam) and experiments. My first experiment can literally be seen in the upper right corner of the home page. I hope you enjoy this new direction as it evolves. Always more to come!