Pre-Order Rant

Why would anybody want to pre-order an album off of iTunes? The whole idea of the “pre-order” is that your John Hancock gets placed on a list of elite few who get first dibs on a product before it sells out. It is virtually impossible for iTunes to sell out of a song, which makes me wonder what yahoo in the war room decided it’d be cool to have “pre-orders” in iTunes. Downloadable music is branded as instant satisfaction which makes this confusing.

I understand it sort of serves as a teaser but this is the web and thats just a lame use of it. Offer me an exclusive song and tell me it’ll be followed up by an album (which they already do and seems to work). I pray for the server administrators that sweat their bandwidth skyrocket when the clock strikes twelve and um-teen-thousand albums are automatically dispersed. (End of rant)