Four Horsemen

No the rumors are not true. I haven’t been kidnapped by the government in suspicion of plotting the end of the world. Although some may suggest it is the dawn of the end. Jesus, yes I do mean you, what the hell is going on? Earth is shakin, wind is blowin, water is getting everywhere, and birds are out of control!

Not too worry, it hasn’t disrupted the good old midwest, yet. We’re (http://www.brmethod.com) hard at work in these parts. I’ve all but given up on PHP for a sexier gem called Ruby. The holy trinity of Ruby, ActionScript 3.0, and Javascript are upon us. If you throw in XML you could call them the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse but I’d like to refrain from the Armageddon references. A show of hands please, is everyone ready for Web 2.0? If not here are some great links that will help.

On another note. You may or may not have noticed some changes to this site. The RSS feed now features integrated bookmarks and photoblog entries. I’ve also fixed all the IE6 bugs, sorry 95% of my audience :)