Wireless Revolution

In my quest to eliminate wires I purchased the Apple Bluetooth (http://www.bluetooth.com/) Pro Mouse. It’s a very charming piece of hardware. I’ve already gone through two of the regular Apple Pro mice. I have a tendency of wrapping the cord around the mouse when I’m “on the go” and eventually the wire inside breaks. However they’ve been good to me and so far I’ve been very pleased with the Bluetooth derivative. I’ve noticed when I’m transferring large amounts of data over our WiFi (http://www.warchalking.org/) at work (http://www.neubix.com) the mouse becomes really jumpy. I guess this is too be expected with a wireless device? Other than that it’s performed wonderfully.

All thats left is bluetooth headphones (Apple please come out with some) and a way to power my laptop cordlessly… (I can only dream).