Wireless Lack

Today my coffee house was closed for the holiday. If you could only see the look on my face. It seems to be the only downside to holidays. This didn’t detour me from finding a hotspot that provided legally addictive “stimulants.”

After much driving my choices were narrowed down to Starbucks and Panera. Starbucks uses T-mobile for wifi which costs money so I chose Panera with its free wifi provided by QGO (http://www.goqgo.com/).

After realizing this isn’t the crowd I’m used too I found a nice little spot in the corner to get down to business. I was first presented with a Panera screen in my browser asking me to agree with its Wi-Fi Terms. After reading over the four page document and knowing that all rights to privacy will be infringed upon I clicked Agree and went on my way. I must note, this is the first time I’ve had to do this ever, anywhere. I hear its the same way at Starbucks but I’ve grown accustom to independent shops that don’t care what you do while respecting your privacy.

Needless to say Panera’s wifi is very slow and, privacy aside, not worth it due to their lack of coffee making abilities. I hope more free hotspots open up. I’ve never understood why places charge for wifi, it’s very cheep for the store to provide and attracts customers.