Someone Find The Cat

Why do we still have mice? Seriously, haven’t we reached the point in computer evolution where we can discard the mouse completely? Modern operating systems (http://www.apple.com/macosx/) have the ability to solely rely on voice commands, pen devices and touch screens. Why is it taking us so long to rid ourselves of a device that is responsible for such a painful syndrome (http://familydoctor.org/023.xml).

Mice are a thing of the past, much like CRT monitors, parallel ports, walkmans and even the compact disc. It’s time to let go, look to the future of usability and functionality. For regular users (i.e. email, word processing, chatting, etc.) the absence of the mouse would be an easier transition, however, the utilization of a pen device would have to be retained for web browsing and other tasks that utilize buttons or links too small for fingers to press.

I believe that direct interaction with a surface that provides feedback can be a very positive experience for the user. You become more involved in the activity at hand rather than indirectly moving a mouse around and arbitrarily clicking. I long for the day when my sketchbook uploads to my laptop, logging my daily ideas where I can call them up based on day, keywords, project or mood.