Quicksilver Revolution

As soon as I realized something was flirting with perfection I discover it gets even better. Over the past three years I’ve experienced Mac OS X evolve into, in my opinion, the most effective operating system on the planet. This revolution has spawned many enhancing third party applications. After reading the hype about Quicksilver I finally gave it some attention (http://whatdoiknow.org/archives/001601.shtml). Seconds after installing my jaw dropped.

I take my laptop everywhere and its my sole computer. I find it easier just to stay on one machine due to the enormous amount of stuff I use (files, music, movies, photos, bookmarks, apps, contacts). I try to stay organized, but I still spend time digging for things. Quicksilver amazingly eliminates most digging and puts everything at your fingertips.

After installing I set the interface to Bezel and then started typing. It quickly provides you with excellent results and still allows you to dig deeper if need be. You can customize the catalogue of searchable items to taylor results to your needs. It also searches your address book, itunes library, iphoto library, finder, and more. This is truly a time saver and something that has greatly enhanced my OS X experience. Quick, go download it it’s open source and FREE! (http://blacktree.com/apps/quicksilver/)