Just Do It

One of my most influential professors (http://art.smsu.edu/peophtm/kosto.htm) from college would always say, “Just do it!” in his thick Bosnian accent during sketch critiques. I’m not sure whether he was saying it before Nike (http://www.nikelab.com) but recently I’ve been trying to “just do it.”

We all have these lists of things we want to do in life. Things we want to accomplish (http://www.risd.edu), practice (http://www.actionscript.org), learn (http://www.propellerhead.se/), experience (http://www.bugeurope.com/). We recall the list in our day dreams but loose sight of how easy it is to “just do it.” Then we come up with excuses and reasons why it’s impossible to “just do it” or decide it’s not the right time to “just do it.”

Recently I’ve been trying to abolish some of my brick walls that prevent me to “just do it.” I started this weekend by purchasing a keyboard. I’ve always wanted to experiment with playing and creating music. Once I get a MIDI converter for my laptop and pending I start to sound good :) I’ll post some of my creations in the Lab.

Good luck with your wall demolition.