I’d like to introduce a new project of mine. It’s called Jupiter. Jupiter is a project management solution that began August 1, 2004 after heavy research. Roughly two months of ironing out the database scheme and functionality I’m ready to get feedback and suggestions. Keep in mind things are in the beginning stages and this is by no means a finished/polished product.

I was planning to provide a run down of all the bells and whistles but I think I would rather get everyones first impressions and go from there. So here we go:

Feel free to add projects, notes, milestones, tasks or files. Mess around with it as much as you can. Let me know what you love, hate, or wish existed.

UPDATE 10-7-2004: I’ll be releasing 0.10b within the next week. Usability tweaks and a smoother interface. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. Stay tuned.