Indy Support

Recently I’ve been distancing myself from “corporate america.” It’s impossible to completely do unless your Ted Kaczynski (http://www.crimelibrary.com/terrorists_spies/terrorists/kaczynski/1.html) but even he had to buy stamps. (Now I’m going to get weird Google referrals on Ted Kaczynski). Anyway, I have good reason for choosing this direction.

My family has a history of entrepreneurs that range from a Grandfather that sold “Nimrods” to a mom that makes and sells women’s clothing. This compels me to spend an extra dollar here and there in support of other entrepreneurs. I highly respect what they do and hope to be one myself someday.

I value the atmosphere and uniqueness of indy shops. More and more “corporate” businesses are turning to cookie cutter (http://www.apple.com/retail/) designs for their establishments. This is somewhat disheartening, however, I understand why they do it. Consistency helps them but also dulls them. Yesterday I walked into a local cafe to grab coffee before work; some great jazz was playing in the background that set the mood for the rest of my day. Today I bought a CD (http://www.noisefactoryrecords.com/bss.htm) at a local record store and got some info on new bands from the owner. I also visited a new clothing boutique with some really unique clothing that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in this city. During all these experiences I’m greeted by familiar, helpful people.

Independent businesses not only provides quality products, great people and unique atmospheres; they also have the ability enrich our lives.