Heads Or Tails

I’ve been somewhat silent lately with a few whispers here and there. The past couple weeks have been very interesting, stressful to say the least. Job, home and personal changes.

After much thought and pondering I accepted a position at Southwest Missouri State University as Multimedia Producer. I bid a humble farewell to Neubix Studios (http://www.neubix.com/). The gamut of knowledge and wisdom Ryan (http://www.justwatchthesky.com/) and I provided each other was priceless. I’m grateful to have been apart of their transformation and growth. For now I’ll be overseeing the production of interactive and film projects, as well as advocating standards support and adoption of Open technologies.

I’ve also moved to a very old apartment next to a very busy street. Outside my window rests an Art supplies store and many restaurants. I can walk to work, grocery store, and downtown which makes me oh so happy. Pictures are on the way.

On a personal level I’m looking forward to creating more Fine Art. The past year hasn’t provided much time for this, my goal is to pursue painting and mixed media. I’ll also be brushing up on my programming skills to satisfy the left side of my brain.

As with every coin there is a flip side that I unfortunately can’t reveal at this time. Stay tuned for more articles and updates.