Gmail, Big Brother?

I’ve been wondering what angle Google planned to take with its new Gmail service, currently in beta form. After some (http://news.com.com/Google%27s+Web+mail+no+joke/2100-1032_3-5184090.html?tag=st.rn) reading (http://democrats.sen.ca.gov/servlet/gov.ca.senate.democrats.pub.members.memDisplayPress?district=sd10&ID=2102) it all makes perfect sense. Google will offer 1GB of email space in return for the ability to scan your messages and place ads (http://fury.com/article/1990.php) based on the content. After the excitement of 1GB wears, I’m starting to wonder if the trade off is morally right?

Example: I receive an email regarding a relatives grave health problems; to the right ads are displayed regarding funeral homes. However, it could be helpful if your corresponding with a friend regarding your cars transmission and ads relating to car repair are provided.

From the personal privacy perspective it’s a bit intrusive but if machines are performing the intrusion I feel somewhat at ease. Google is an amazing phenomenon and has an exciting future ahead. I’m anxious to see how Gmail pans out.