Double the Pleasure

Last night two new albums pitched a tent on my “oh my god” list of music. The Faint (http://www.thefaint.com) “Wet From Birth” and Tom Waits (http://www.officialtomwaits.com) “Real Gone” are so unbelievably necessary I don’t even know why you’re still reading. Go get them!

The Faint marches forward with its sexy themes and lucius lyrics. My uncertainties about how they would top Blank-Wave Arcade were shattered by the first track and continued to crumble through track two until they were disintegrated with “Southern Belles in London Sing.” Each track presents a unique personality ranging from violin accompaniment to a melodic choir of female vocals. Plus you can’t beat an album that has a song entitled “Erection.” (no pun intended).

As for Mr. Waits… Waits challenges the human ear with his contorted vocals and crafted percussion. Real Gone takes you on an unforgettable journey of bizarre scenarios none of which are completely comprehendible. Light a cigar, pour some whisky, press play and put a note on the door, “Real Gone.”