December 15, 2020

Listened to this Kevin Kelly interview and pulled some quotes:

Anonymity is like a rare earth metal that’s essential but only in very small doses.

Anonymity is complicated but I think I agree. 4chan style anonymity doesn’t seem productive but fostering an identity divorced from your real-world representation is very powerful.

One of the reasons why China has a Great Wall on censorship is — this is what they say and it’s true — to censor out fake news and rumor which is very rampant in China… They also censor political stuff but that’s the proximate reason is to control the incredible rumors and destructive misinformation that was going through social media in China.

A rare cogent defense of the Great Firewall that I had not heard. I would like to learn more 🤔

The bane of the old media world was propaganda, the bane of the new media world is conspiracy.

Conspiracies are so intoxicating.