Hello, I'm Nathan

What is the most important thing we should be thinking about today?

With near perfect reliability, the smell of fresh coffee and a little calmness in the morning leads to this question on my mind. Outwardly people describe me as pretty calm and approachable but inwardly I’m a fidgety mess, always trying to understand, solve or figure out where to wander next.

Physically, grew up in Missouri but once the late 90s arrived I was spiritually all over the world, using a version of the internet that required more imagination (and more typing). Friends were bloggers and geeks trying to make sense of a new medium all of us understood would shake the foundations of society.

Studied Electronic Arts in college which allowed me to explore early forms of online product design, storytelling through filmmaking and 3d animation. California would eventually become home even though my heart will always be in Kansas.

Nowadays I spend time building a better future online. Thoughts related to the question above find their way to Twitter or Mastodon. Adventure snapshots show up on Instagram. Evidence of tool building usually appears on Github. Many books attempted are logged to Readernaut. And the long runs to clear my mind appear on Strava and Ultrasignup.