Logger for iPhone

A novel yet familiar way to take notes. If messaging with others on your phone is familiar then Logger will feel right at home. Think of it as a message thread with yourself. DM me for a TestFlight invite.

💭 Message Yourself

All messages you send to yourself show up in chronological order. Photos feel right at home alongside text.

🔍 Space-Search

With an empty message field just tap spacebar to begin searching!

🏷 Hashtags

Hashtags make it easy to find things later. Tap any hashtag to filter your messages.

🕹 Actions

Long-press any item to delete it or launch a Google search with the message contents as the search query (hashtags are omitted for better search results).

☀️ No Cloud

No data is uploaded to the Cloud—everything is stored securely on your device. Send your data to other devices through AirDrop or Messages.

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