These are some side-projects I like to experiment with in my free time. Some are on Testflight and some Github. If you’re interested in being a beta-tester send me a DM on Twitter.

Logger — Quickly taking notes is surprisingly difficult, still, so I made an app to do just that. It’s just a message thread… with yourself.

Podster — Waiting for Apple’s Podcasts app to refresh the 100+ podcasts I subscribe towas driving me bonkers so I built my own that’s much faster and better organized. Also playing around with new ways to share clips from my favorite episodes.

Flash — My memory can be quite bad so I’m attempting to build a simple flash card app.

itc — Got tired of asking friends for their email address to add them to TestFlightprojects so I made a little command-line tool to interact with iTunes Connect directly, which can also be used to power web forms.

Play — The Sonos controller was very frustrating to use (it has since gotten better). I decided to rebuild it with the functionality I cared most about at the time: managing volume, grouping speakers and picking things to play. I wrote more about it here.

Flap Flap — When the Flappy Bird creator suddenly took his game out of the App Store I decided to learn SpritKit and rebuild it over the course of an evening. Got far enough.

Readernaut — I always wanted a place to see what my friends were reading, so I made one.

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