My Experience

My primary area of interest is how technology shapes interactions and amplifies potential. An archive of my previous writing can be found here. When I have free time I spend it tinkering with side-projects as an way to stay current with Swift, Go and Cloud providers.

Public Studio, Generalist 2015 – Present

Helping build new businesses. An incubator of sorts with the primary goal of building up a small team around an idea and a functioning prototype, investing in their momentum and working ourselves out of a job so we can do it all over again. My role spanned the gamut of design thinking and execution to backend server development to native client development.

Dropbox, Product Designer 2014 – 2015

Helped develop and prototype new ways for people to communicate on Dropbox.

Facebook, Product Designer 2011 – 2014

Primarily worked on improving existing mobile product areas while also developing new ones. Played an active role in recruiting for the product design team which was around 20 strong when I started. Helped bring onsite a class for designers to broaden their skills in iOS development.

In 2011 I helped add structured tagging to the experience of sharing on Facebook, which ended up having a very positive impact on how and what people shared. In 2012 I worked on Facebook’s attempt at a more social mobile operating system, focusing on re-imagining communication which lead to joining the Messenger team to help them grow the native experience across all platforms. At the end of 2012 I kick-started the Poke app which had been something I was originally developing as a means to learn Objective-C. We showed the company how fast you could move with iOS, shipping a product in a matter of weeks. In 2013 I joined the Photos team, balancing my new role as a Manager while still trying to build. Helped come up with a new product around making it easier for people to pass around photos from a shared experience, the Moments app shipped shortly after I left in 2014.

Lawrence Journal-World, Designer 2006 – 2011

Helped build a flexible content management system for journalists with deadlines. Taught newsrooms all across the country how to use Django and our software to achieve their publishing needs. Used our local business and entertainment directories to explore ways to delivery useful information to early mobile devices.

My Education

Interaction Design, The University of Kansas 2010 – 2011

Studied Interaction Design and Design Management while teaching mobile interface design to undergraduate students in the Graphic Design program.

Electronic Arts & Design, Missouri State University 1998 – 2003

Studied within the Media, Journalism & Film Department’s interdisciplinary program for New Media focusing on 3D animation, cinematography and interface design. Discovered the University’s unique Design program and began taking as many classes as I could before graduating.

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